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 Stage 5
Primo Piano
09/04/2019 Stage 5
The Bernina Red Train

Touching the 2,253 meters of the Bernina Hospice, it is the highest railway in the Alps. The departure is in Tirano and the arrival is in St. Moritz, flanking the splendid Basilica of the Madonna di Tirano, the White Lake and the Morteratsch glacier. Unesco heritage since 2008.

For more info Trenino Rosso

09/04/2019 Stage 5
The Thermal Bath of Bormio

Thermal paths dedicated to the well-being of couples and families.
Via Stelvio, 14 - 23032 Bormio (SO).

For more info bormioterme.it

09/04/2019 Stage 5
“The Sky bridge” in the Tartano Valley
The "Ponte nel Cielo" is a 234-metre-long pedestrian bridge suspended 140 metres above the valley floor, connecting Campo Tartano (alt. 1,034 m) and the verdant pastures of Frasnino (alt. 1,038 m). It is the highest Tibetan bridge of Europe! The bridge consists of 700 boards made from Val Tartano larch. Suitable for all ages, including children, it offers visitors and hikers unique panoramic views of the mountains, the lush Tartano valley, Colombera dam, the alpine pastures of Frasnino and lower Valtellina down to Lake Como.

For more info Sky Bridge
09/04/2019 Stage 5
Grumello Castel

The Castello de Piro al Grumello, commonly known as Castel Grumello is a rare example of a "gemino" castle, consisting of two buildings, one military and the other residential, surrounded by walls. Restored and open to the public.
Via Sant’Antonio, 645 - Montagna Valtellina.

For more info fondoambiente.it

09/04/2019 Stage 5
Palazzo Salis

Its Italian garden is one of the most renowned in Valtellina. Inside the building there is a museum circuit of ten decorated and frescoed rooms, all recently restored, including the "Saloncello".
(Via Salis 3 - 23037 Tirano SO).

For more info palazzosalis.com

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